3 Steps To Reinvent Yourself

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Many times during our lives, we'll be in some sort of transition. Whenever you have a child, retirement, entering your 40's, becoming an empty-nester, etc. Times of transition can be hard! You're becoming something new, but you don't have it fully figured out yet. 

You have the opportunity to create any new life you choose. For some, the ability to do anything, go any direction, and create whatever you want is overwhelming. So, what happens? Well, many people will do nothing because that's safer. Nothing is still a choice, but it's a choice that keeps you stuck. 

 When I first decided to move to Texas, I had a lot of people tell me what my life would probably be like there. They told me what people liked, what they didn't like, how I should dress, and the things I should say etc.  When I moved here, I discovered most of the stuff people told me was completely the opposite of what the locals told me THEY wanted. I felt completely lost and overwhelmed trying to start this new chapter.

 Here was my mistake: I let other people tell me what to do instead of being my true self!!! I didn't have enough faith to move to a new place, be my badass self, and rock it from Day 1. To be my most successful, I needed to OWN my power! Let me tell you, I course corrected quickly and you can too!


 But how do you go about building (or finding) a new identity when things have shifted so much?

 Step 1: Remember a time in your life where you felt joy doing something you loved before someone made you feel like it wasn't okay. 

 It's happened to all of us. We had or did something that we loved, and someone came along and squashed it. They told us it wasn't acceptable for some reason, people wouldn't understand, we wouldn't fit in etc. So, remember what it was that you gave up. Was it a certain way of dressing? A practice, activity, or hobby? Something to do with your personal style or desires? Whatever it was, start doing it again! Re-connect with that sense of joy you had originally. 

Step 2: Experiment

Ok, if you're ready to embrace new ways of being, then you may have to experiment a little bit. Remember when you were a teenager? You probably tried lots of different styles to figure out what worked best for you. Do it again! There's no rule that says you only get to experiment when you're in your teens or twenties! Try some different things, and see what resonates with you. Think about how awesome it'll be to reclaim what others shamed you into giving up!

 Step 3: Start small and choose one area to change.

 Just because you're stripping away all that past conditioning doesn't mean you have to completely change everything about your life overnight. Remember, in order to move forward, you have to DO something! Anything! Just get moving! Often, changing your make-up, wardrobe, food or musical choices, and even returning to an old activity or trying a new one are easy places to start. 

 If you find it difficult to move forward and re-invent yourself, then Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) can help you release any old conditioning patterns as you begin your new chapter in life. It's important to remember than you're in a powerful position, because you get to create a life that lets you become your true self! How cool is that?!



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