Hi, I’m April! I can’t wait to help you create a balanced life!

I once had someone tell me that I was obsessed with personality profiles. It turns out, they were right! I’m fascinated with examining different aspects of a person’s personality and potential.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered that I had a real gift for helping people shift their perspective on things to completely transform their lives. In doing this, your true personality is free to emerge without shame, fear, guilt, and worrying about the judgment of others.

It takes courage to fully embrace your talents, gifts, and creativity. A big part of my purpose in life is to help others find the perfect balance between practicality, wisdom, and playfulness.


My journey so far....


Every one of us has a story, and in that story, we have traumas and triumphs. Mine is no different. The things we see and learn in traumatic childhoods can cause some of the limiting beliefs and sabotages we carry into adulthood. As a child, I saw alcoholism, domestic violence, arguments over money, and experienced isolation growing up in a tiny country town. Fortunately, I have optimism as my number one core value and feel really lucky that I was able to transform that pain into wisdom for myself and others.

Eventually, I ended up in Alaska for 8 years (totally my favorite place I’ve lived so far), and graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After that, I went to the Sonoran College of Health Sciences (formerly Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine) and received a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathic Medicine. I worked as a primary care physician in Tempe, Arizona for several years before deciding to specialize in mind/body medicine.

Although I loved being a physician, my anxiety was out of control. I felt depressed, worried about my patients’ health, and constantly afraid that I would make a mistake. Long story short, my life wasn’t balanced, and I was miserable. So, I decided to give up primary care and only focus on what I loved which is helping people determine what is making them unhappy and how to change it.

Because of my own journey, I’ve learned and embraced several methods to help others understand what’s causing their anxiety and can recommend different techniques to feel better fast. I like to think of it as combining practicality, humor, and a dash of magic!


Here's How I Can Help You:

  • Control and redirect negative thoughts
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress
  • Reduced anxiety and fear
  • Setting healthy boundaries with others
  • Embrace what you really want vs people- pleasing
  • Improved decision making skills
  • More confidence and an increased self-esteem
  • No longer rescuing others at the expense of your health and happiness
  • Release guilt, fear, and shame that’s been weighing you down

Anxiety Relief 

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Total Transformation 

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Your Passion & Purpose

We all have unique gifts, talents, and strengths that determine our passion and purpose. But sometimes we feel lost or confused and worry that we're missing out on the best parts of life. 

In this guide, you'll find tips and exercises to reconnect with your passion and purpose even if you have no idea what they are or feel like you've lost them. 

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