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 Decisions without doubt

Learn how to make decisions easily without fear, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. 

  • Prioritize your options
  • Checklists & Exercises
  • Step-by-step guidance
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An Empath's best friend

Learn how to ground, shield, and cleanse your energy in this step-by-step ebook.

  • Solutions to improve your mood
  • Easy to follow exercises
  • Avoid absorbing toxic emotions from others
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What customers are saying...

“Empath Armor is a must have reference book for empaths. This book can help you LET GO of all the energy that's not yours and that doesn't serve you.”

-Taylor M.

“April helped me get past thinking that was keeping me stuck. She has a unique approach that helped me feel comfortable.”

-Sarah B.

"April is an expert at getting down to the real issues and helping you work through each one so you can move on and complete your goals.”

-Jen M.

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