Preparing For An Emotional Release

emotional release session faq neuro-emotional technique preparing for emotional release resolve problems Jun 27, 2020

When it comes to emotional release sessions, new clients often have a few questions like:

 *How do I prepare for a session?

*How would an emotional release session help me?

*How long will it take to resolve my problem?

*Are emotional release sessions even the right thing for me?

*What happens in an emotional release session?

These are all really great questions! I realized that I've never done a Q&A blog before, and I wanted to address the most common questions so you can decide if emotional release would help you on your healing journey. If you've ever watched a pharmaceutical commercial, they always advise "Ask your doctor if ______ is right for you". Well, in my humble opinion, the answer is YES! Everyone needs emotional release work, but are you ready for it?

In order to determine if you're ready for a session, you need to have the following 4 things:

 1) Willingness

You've got to want to get better and solve your problems. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes we unconsciously/subconsciously sabotage our efforts for better health. There's a part of you that may believe you don't deserve to feel better, that it's not possible for you, and that nothing's going to work. You'll be stuck that way forever! Fortunately, this isn't true! It just takes some detective work to get to the bottom of the sabotages and release them through emotional work. You've got to be willing to see where the path leads and how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you can keep an open mind, stay willing to shift your mindset and beliefs, then the process of clearing emotional junk goes much faster. 

 2) Courage

Facing the problems of your past and being willing to dig into emotional work takes guts. It's one of the bravest and most important work of your life. When you emotionally feel better, your whole life changes for the better. Facing your fears can feel terrifying, but once you do it's like a massive weight has been lifted from you. This can be one of the most freeing experiences of your life. 

 3) Patience

Ugh! The concept of patience is extremely aggravating to most people. We want to feel better and we want to do it now! I get it. It sucks to wait. However, anxiety and stress often build over time and the brain likes to pile related experiences together. It takes time to sift through emotional junk to strike gold. I would love to promise everyone quick relief, but I want to be realistic. Sometimes things shift quickly, but it's a process. Your mindset and willingness to change really do matter to the outcome. Be patient with the process and you will see results. 

 4) Consistency

You're like an onion, or better yet a yummy cake. Basically, you've got layers. Your unconscious/subconscious throws up walls to protect itself and makes it a little challenging to dig deep and find the gold we're looking for. Think of it like a firewall on your computer. Firewalls protect the good stuff, and your brain is trying to do the same thing. So, repetitive treatments yield the best outcome for success. Plus, your brain is a tricky little bugger. It makes big issues out of little things and sometimes we have to unwind multiple issues at once. 

  *How do I prepare for a session?

This one's easy. The best way to enter a session is hydrated, willing, and with some issues or topics that you know you want to clear. It's not my place to choose for you. I want you to work on things which are causing you the most anxiety, stress, fear, and unhappiness. Only you know what's best for you. It's ok, I trust you! I'll give suggestions and recommendations along the way as well as serving as your guide, but you decide the path we take. 

*How would an emotional release session help me?

Emotional release work is extremely powerful and insightful. Through our work together, you'll understand why your mind and body reacted to particular events in your life and how they consistently sabotage you. This affects your happiness, success, outlook on life, and even your physical body. Releasing stored emotions in the body allows your energy to flow properly, and you feel better in every area. Through our work together, you'll let go of the emotional baggage that's weighing you down and making you feel terrible. There's no problem that emotional release work can't help resolve partially or completely. 

 *How long will it take to resolve my problem?

That's a tricky one to answer because it depends on how deep the rabbit hole goes. It also depends on how complex the issue is, and how long you've had the problem. Recent events are easier and faster to clear than an issue you've had for years. As I mentioned earlier, your positive mindset and willingness to shift help ensure a better outcome. Generally, I advise packages of 5-10 hours for complex issues. I offer free phone consultations and can make a recommendation on treatment time when we discuss your concerns. You can book a consultation here. 

 *Are emotional release sessions even the right thing for me?

YES! They're amazing for everyone! Why? Because we all have stress and things we're afraid of since it's part of the human condition. If you're honest with yourself and brave enough to do the work, you can have some amazing shifts that absolutely change your life for the better. 

 *What happens in an emotional release session? 

I pride myself on creating a safe place for you to share your concerns without fear of judgement from me. Trust me, I've heard it all! There's nothing you can say that would turn me off, and I won't think you're a terrible person. I pinky swear it!

The session begins with you discussing the issue or concern that you'd like to resolve. Then, I'll ask some clarifying questions to get as much information as possible. Remember, I want to focus on the areas that YOU want to work on. If there's an issue that feels too raw for you, then we'll start in another less emotional area. I won't ever make you discuss or relive things you don't want to. I'm your guide, but you're in charge of the direction at all times. Why? Because the healing happens within you. I'm just the facilitator. 

Once we decide on a topic, then I'll find out what emotion is trapped in your body. My detection method will vary for in-office vs online sessions. Once I find out what emotion is trapped in your body, I'll ask you a series of questions like, "What's the worst thing that might happen?", or "What's the worst part about that (your issue) for you?" These questions are repeated until we arrive at a core emotion that's affecting your overall being/health/mindset. Then, we'll clear the trapped emotions using a body positioning technique. Easy peasy! I'll check to make sure that we've resolved the issue before moving on to the next topic. 

Emotional release work is a powerful tool in your healing toolbox. There are a lot of different types, and they all work. However, you may resonate with some vs others. Plus, some may be more appropriate than others based on the type of issue or concern you have. Through my practice, I often combine healing modalities to customize sessions and make recommendations for you. When you're ready to feel better, give me a call and we'll get started!


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