Mentally Stressed? Try These 5 Things To Feel Better

crystals empath escapism flower essence therapy headaches insomnia pressure in your head and neck stress stress and anxiety trapped stress Jul 08, 2020

Whenever an Empath gets super stressed, we tend to feel it in our body. For some, it might manifest as G.I stress like an upset stomach, joint pain, a crushing feeling in your chest, or headaches. 

For me, I tend to store stress in my head and neck. Stress causes my thoughts to swirl and I get this pressure in my head. The muscles of my neck tense, and I even catch myself clenching my jaw. It feels like there's a ton of energy trapped inside my head with no way out. If I can't release that pressure, then often a headache results. Not my favorite way to spend my day!

If you're like me and you tend to trap stress in your head, then you might experience:


*Recurring thoughts that you can't get rid of

*Thinking of worst-case scenarios

*Pressure in your head and neck

*Clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth

*Insomnia or nightmares

*Generalized anxiety and stress

When you're trying to release mental pressure, you'll need to do certain things to avoid making it worse. Because the stress is mental, you can't really think your way out of it. This type of stress can be harder to release vs stress held in other parts of your body. 

 Here are 5 things that can help you shift the stress out of your head and allow you to release it naturally. 

 1) Move your body

Because the stress is bottled up inside your head, moving your body helps move that stuck energy down and out. Physical exercise such as running, aerobics, fast-paced walking, or lifting weights can help relieve the pressure and provide another route for the energy to escape. Exercise also releases endorphins which can help improve your mood. 

2) Brain Dumping

When you have thoughts trapped in your head running around on repeat, brain dumping is one way to get them out of your head and onto paper. For this exercise, write down everything that you're thinking, feeling, and are afraid will happen. Parts of your brain are holding onto the stressful thoughts because they're trying to make you aware of real and "potential" threats. Writing them down makes your brain feel heard by acknowledging the thoughts and fears you're having. Also, the act of writing them down takes them out of the survival/emotional realm. Then, you're able to look logically at what you wrote. Once you've extinguished the emotional charge, you'll feel better and more relaxed. 

3) Escapism

Too much escapism can take you out of reality and into the world of fantasy. However when reality becomes a problem, it's ok to dip into a fantasy world until you're feeling better. I'm about to let you in on one of my guilty little secrets. Whenever I feel stressed, I'll read a romance novel for a while until I feel better. Reading, playing video games, or watching movies allows you to step into the lives of other characters and leave yours behind temporarily. This allows your brain and body to recalibrate and releases stress. 

4) Sodalite

If you like to use crystals for energetic healing, then Sodalite is one of my favorites. It helps you mentally "declutter" your thoughts, and release any thoughts or fears you may have absorbed from others. Sodalite will also help the energy bottled up in your head filter down to the rest of your body.

5) White Chestnut Flower Essence

Flower essence therapy is designed to help you on a mental/emotional level. They're very gentle and not contraindicated with other therapies or medication. White Chestnut helps relieve headaches caused by stress, and stops swirling thoughts that may be causing insomnia or anxiety. You can find them in natural grocery stores or online. Bach Flower Remedies or Flower Essence Services (FES) are two popular brands. Simply place 2-4 drops of the remedy in a bottle of water and drink throughout the day. If possible, try to take it 2-4x/day for best results. 

Mental stress can be a big problem because you carry your head with you everywhere! Many people find it difficult to escape the stress of their mind and emotions. Doing emotional release work helps you feel calm on all levels. If you'd like a free consultation to find out how emotional release work can help you feel less anxiety, more confidant, and relaxed, then book a free phone consultation here.


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