Manifestation Tips I Learned From My Dog

My dog Bella is a master manifestor when it comes to finding food on the street. I often joke with my friends that if I could manifest money like Bella manifests food, then I'd be a multi-millionaire. In fact, I'd probably be writing this blog from my beach house right now if I had her skills!

I adopted Bella from a rescue group in 2011 a few months after I graduated medical school. She was listed on the rescue website as a "lonely heart" adoption because she'd been in foster care for almost 2 years with no one interested in her. Not much was known about her past other than she'd been abused at some point, possibly used in a backyard breeding operation, and was found on the streets in Phoenix, Arizona. Her adoption fees had been reduced to $50 in the hopes that someone might adopt her. Honestly, it's the best $50 I've ever spent!

Although she's older and far wiser now, she's had years to perfect her manifesting craft. Her shenanigans are legendary, and she makes me laugh every day. If you let them, dogs are some of the best teachers around. They give unconditional love, live in the present, find something to be happy about every day, and keep things simple. How wonderful would it be if we lived our lives like that?

I think Bella has found food of every single type on the street. This year alone, she's found 4 steaks, burritos, tacos, french fries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburger patties, and as of yesterday an entire cheeseburger. I have so many questions about why food is just randomly lying around and how she's lucky enough to find it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

After the cheeseburger incident yesterday, I really started to think about why she's so lucky at finding food. So, here's what I came up with about why Bella is such an incredible manifestor. 

#1 She knows what she wants and goes looking for it.

Bella is absolutely obsessed with food. It's like she's got 4 stomachs and none of them are ever full. I swear she wants to be fed every 2 hours like a baby. It's probably because she lived on the streets for a while in her younger days and she has some food insecurity. For whatever the reason, she has a goal of finding food and looks for it every time we go out for a walk. If you follow the Law of Attraction, then you know that being very clear and specific on what you want is the key to any successful manifestation.

#2 Expect to find what you want, and you will.

Not only is Bella constantly on the lookout for food, she expects to find it. According to the Law of Attraction, it's her belief that makes her so successful.

When you set a goal with clarity, you activate something called your Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain. This system is designed to help the brain prioritize what's important to you. Once this is done, you may notice signs popping up often. In the Law of Attraction, this is the Universe's way of letting you know that it got the message.  For example, if you're thinking about buying a new Jeep, you may suddenly start seeing them everywhere. This is because your RAS has recognized your desire as being important. If you celebrate each time you see a Jeep while driving around (or any goal you have), then you're actively reinforcing its importance. This is another secret of manifestation. 

#3 Opportunities are everywhere, so keep your eyes open for them.

Not only is Bella absolutely positive that she'll find some street food on a walk, she's open to finding it anywhere. For example, she's found hot dogs in a bush, stuck her nose in open trash bags on garbage day (one of her favorite days of the week), lying beside dumpsters, and randomly scattered across lawns (like the 4 steaks. Again, I have so many questions!). She's open to finding what she wants, and it appears in the most random places. If you use this approach, it's teaching you to keep your eyes open because what you want can come from any direction. There's more than one way to success!

#4 If blocked, then other opportunities will come along.

I do my best to pull Bella away from food on the street. Sometimes, she's quicker than me and gets to it first. Then, I'm left trying to pry whatever she's picked up from her steel-trap jaws (super gross). Sometimes, it's so gross that I just let her have it. She's like a toddler and I have to pick my battles. I know, the Dog Whisperer would say that I'm the worst! 

Bella knows that if she's blocked or sabotaged (i.e. I won't let her have the food or take it away from her), then there's more where that came from. She just has to wait for the next opportunity. Neither of us believe that opportunities only come around once. I mean, she's found 4 steaks this year!  Don't let potential challenges shake your faith. What you want is possible. 

#5 Revisit what was good, and where you had opportunities often.

I recently learned that it's a hard-wired survival skill for dogs to return to the site of where they found food previously in the hopes of more. When Bella first started looking for street food on a walk, I would pull her away. One of her favorite shenanigans was to walk away and then take me on this long circuitous route that magically ended up right back at the piece of food. Often, I had forgotten it was there and she was able to snatch it up. Sneaky little bugger!

One of the ways that we can invite more opportunity into our lives is by returning to the places or memories of where we experienced help from others or good opportunities. If it worked once, then chances are it can again!

#6 Be persistent to get what you want.

At times, I swear that Bella has a watch in her paw because she knows what time dinner is supposed to be ready and Daylight Savings Time is no excuse! She starts harassing me approximately 2 hours before dinner time. If I try to ignore her, then she goes to the door and scratches like she has to go out. This, however, is another one of her crafty shenanigans. She knows that if she's outside, then she can find food. Plus, she apparently thinks that I've somehow forsaken her and she has to find her own dinner. As if!

Bella knows that when you put yourself out there, then your chances of success increase. Plus, don't take rejection personally and sometimes NO means not now. She doesn't let no's discourage her, and she never stops trying to get what she wants. 

I had Bella for about a year before she found her first piece of street food. It was a donut that she found on Christmas morning. She probably thought it was a Christmas miracle! After that, her eyes were opened to all the possibilities out there. She's never stopped looking for (and finding) food since then. If anything, she's living proof that getting what you want can be easy, and your dreams can come true. Happy manifesting!

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April Darley N.D. is an Emotional Strength Coach specializing in helping Empaths/Highly Sensitive People (HSP's) feel better, and function better by releasing stress, anxiety, pain, and sabotaging behavior. Through the combination of coaching and emotional release techniques, you'll learn how to step into your own power, comfortably deal with life's challenges, and stay calm and balanced. 


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