Are You Giving Your Power Away?

giving your power away neuro-emotional technique personal power power self-sabotage Jul 26, 2020

  Power is a very tricky thing. On the one hand, it's desirable because it can make you feel on top of the world. If misused, it can turn you into a tyrant.

 The concept of "Power" will mean something different to everyone. If you've been the victim of a person who misused their power in the past, then you might view power as a negative thing. The Subconscious Brain may actually REBEL at putting you in positions of power, or attaining power for yourself. Consequently, you could actually GIVE your power away because of this self-sabotaging mechanism! 

 The Subconscious Brain won't necessarily distinguish between types of power and may classify them all as good/bad, or attainable/unattainable. If there are internal issues with the concept of power, it can manifest in alternating ways between feeling in control or like a victim who is unworthy. 

 To uncover any potential issues with the concept of power, it's helpful to dig into every aspect and definition of it within yourself. Defining it and identifying how you feel about power itself can provide you with some amazing insight to become balanced and eliminate self-sabotaging mechanisms.

 Here's a little exercise to help you get in touch with your personal definition of power. 

 1) How would you define power to someone who had no idea what that concept meant (like a small child or a space alien)? 

 2) Who has power?

 3) How do you get it?

 4) What does it look like?

 5) If you have power, does it make you bad? Good?

 6) What's the difference between bad power and good power?

 7) If you had power, would you be a different person? 

 8) What would you do with it? 

 9) Are you able to have power? 

 After this exercise, if you feel that you're unbalanced when it comes to the concept of power, feeling unworthy, or unable to move forward, then Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) can help to identify and remove patterns that have sabotaged you in the past. 


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