The search for your missing joy is over.

I'm here to help you solve the mystery and embrace infinite possibilities.


Most of us, deep down, love a good mystery.


The problem is that you keep searching for clues and doubting your own abilities when the evidence clearly shows that you've got something special. The crime is that you're too afraid to let the world see it. 

Connection is at the heart of all things. When you reconnect with the joy, talents, and purpose inside of you, then you're fully embracing life as it's meant to be. 

Let me assure you than pain is not your purpose. You're here to live a life that's about more than just damage control and settling for the bare minimum. 

Restoring your joy involves recognizing and embracing the whole package that is your amazing self. 

The tiniest details are generally the most important to cracking any case and nothing about you is insignificant.

This is YOUR time. 

You get to choose your own path in life. 

So, let's make it magnificent!


1. Identify the crime

Identify how and why you're feeling stuck, lost, and uncertain in life.

2. Process the scene

Develop confidence and clarity by examining the clues and evidence in your life.


3. Close the case

Reconnect with your joy, gain awareness, and create a plan of action for your most abundant life.


"We're all like detectives in life. There's something at the end of the trail that we're all looking for."

-David Lynch

The Joy Detective:

Every great detective has a partner. 


Next Steps

Single Sessions


Scene Of The Crime

  • Understand and reframe challenges
  • Tools for decision making and creating action plans
  • Tips on reconnecting with your joy and talents

6 Week Program


Following The Clues

  • Changing what you expect out of life
  •  Creating new beliefs and mindset shifts
  • Breaking attachment to pain, trauma, and low self-esteem
  • How to blend intuition and intellect to enhance your life

12 Week Program


Cracking The Case

  • In-depth support on making changes
  • Tools for allowing more joy, abundance, and expansion
  • Creating more supportive beliefs
  • Tips for building friendships, communities, and greater visibility
  • Identifying your top strengths and values

Not sure which option is best for you?

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Case Closed: Testimonials


I highly recommend anyone who feels stuck in their life and is ready to do something about it to work with April.

-Sarah B.


April has helped me with many issues that counseling was unable to address. She is amazing!

-Tracy C.


April is an expert at getting down to the real issues and helping you work through each one so you can move on and complete your goals. 

-Jen M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t wait! Follow the clues and solve the mystery.



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