What is a Total Transformation Program?


In life, there are 3 main areas that cause us the most stress: Money, Love, and You.

The category of Money refers to our salary, career, savings, finances, and all the material things in life. 

In Love, we can have issues with the family we were born into, the family we have now, friends, or romantic relationships.

When it comes to ourselves (You), we can have anxiety or traumas related to who we feel we are as a person, how we express ourselves, or the roles we play in life.

In each of these areas, there are limiting beliefs, sabotages, and trauma which keeps us from living our most happy and abundant life.

To experience a Total Transformation, each of these areas will be explored during a weekly 1 hour video session.

Any blocks, anxiety, or traumas will be released using the Three Brain Realignment Technique (TBRT). 

So many people feel....

  • They have to hide things from others 
  • Anxiety, anger, sadness, or depression that's been difficult to let go
  • Lost and unsure of their life's purpose
  • Disconnected from themselves and their intuition
  • Trapped by emotional blockages
  • Afraid of judgment or rejection

Now, imagine if you could....

  • Be free of guilt, regret, and shame
  • Live each day aligned with your purpose
  • Feel confident expressing yourself
  • Make decisions easily without doubt 
  • Have a positive mindset and self-esteem
  • Feel safe and secure in your relationships with others
  • Develop a greater sense of abundance and financial stability

A Total Transformation Program may be right for you if....

  • You have specific questions about an issue, and you’d like some guidance or direction.
  • You’re looking for answers about why money or love hasn't come easy for you.
  • You feel lost about your purpose in life and want to feel more confident.
  • You’re open to a variety of techniques being used to help you solve a problem such as meditation, personal development exercises, flower essence therapy, and journaling.

During our session, you’ll have the opportunity to access hidden depths of wisdom to guide you on your path in life.

Examples of issues that will be addressed are:

  • Why it feels like money is difficult to earn or keep
  • How you can heal your relationship with yourself and others
  • Why self-care and setting boundaries has been difficult for you
  • How you can improve your finances
  • What you need to add or cut out of your life to feel greater happiness 

There are many different ways to explore the themes of Money, Love, and You. During each session, we'll focus on the events or beliefs that created the original blocks causing anxiety. 

Then, we'll eliminate the triggers or beliefs around those blocks or events by using the Three Brain Realignment Technique (TBRT).

Throughout the 12-month program, there will be a 1 hour video session each week.

These sessions will show you how fear created sabotaging beliefs or anxiety, and help you create new mindset changes to live a calm and confident life.


Carolyn S.

What an amazing experience! April helped me identify and release negative patterns I had created over the years. Now, I have a new outlook. Highly recommend! 

Jen M.

April is an expert at getting down to the real issues and helping you move through each one so that you can complete your goals.

Nancy S.

April can sense what needs to be released inside of you. She's helped me release resentment toward my family so that my daily life is happier. Now, I'm able to step away from other's toxic emotions. She's helped me clear any emotions that were keeping me from healing.

Are You Ready For A Total Transformation?

12 Month Program



  • 1 hour video session weekly
  • In-depth guidance and support
  • Customized personal development exercises
  • Strategies to improve your mindset around Money, Love, and You

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