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Blame Your Brain!

There are hidden reasons you have fear and anxiety.

Have you ever been hit with negative thoughts that you just can’t control? They just pop up for no apparent reason making you feel overwhelmed and anxious. These fear-based thoughts can repeat for hours on end leaving you feeling scared, frustrated, and exhausted.

You may not know what triggers your anxiety, but there’s a way to find out!

But first, let’s talk about your brain and how it’s to blame for making you feel ALL the things.

There’s a little something called the Three Brain Theory which examines how different areas of our brain control different desires and functions.

So, instead of having one brain running the show, it’s like we have 3 different brains each with their own personality, motivations, and desires.

This theory explains how sabotages happen despite your best efforts.

"You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it." -Albert Einstein

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Let’s take a look at each brain and how they sabotage you to cause anxiety.


The Survival Brain (Unconscious)

This brain controls everything we need to survive like food, shelter, a tribe or family, and a mate. It also controls our fight, flight, and freeze stress response. This brain is considered your default brain and will hijack the other brains and take over if it feels you’re being threatened in some way. Unfortunately, this brain will respond the same way to a real threat and a perceived or imaginary one. Your stress response engages at that point causing anxiety, procrastination, fear, anger and so much more.

The Emotional Brain (Subconscious)

Your emotional brain stores the desire to be loved, accepted, creative, and a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s the dreamer, the idealist, and its worst-case scenario is to be judged by others and branded an outcast. This brain will believe anything you tell it (good or bad) and has no concept of time or the ability to separate what’s happening to you vs others. For an empath, this brain is what makes you absorb the pain of others and act as if it was your own.

The Logical Brain (Conscious)

We like to believe that this level of the brain is the top dog. It controls our logical thinking, ability to plan, rationalize, and higher functions like math and language. However, it’s the least important when it comes to anxiety!

Having three brains pulling your thoughts and emotions in different directions is a huge part of why anxiety and overwhelm dominates your day. In fact, your survival and emotional brains determine 80-90% of your actions. Your logical brain has nothing to do with it!




Got Anxiety? Here's How We Fix It....

Your brain and body tend to store fears and trauma. When they’re triggered, you feel undesirable things like anxiety, low self-esteem, worry, and experience negative thoughts which only makes things worse.

The key to stopping this cycle lies in something called the Three Brain Realignment Technique (TBRT). When the three brains are aligned, the symptoms of fear and anxiety disappear. Also, you become aware of potential triggers so that you can stop fear and anxiety before they pull you into a downward spiral of negative thoughts and actions.

So, what’s the next step?

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Sarah B.

April helped me get past thinking that was keeping me stuck. She has a unique approach that helped me feel comfortable. I didn’t have to talk about anything I didn’t want to but was still able to get results. I highly recommend anyone who feels stuck anywhere in their life and is ready to do something about it to work with April.

Tracey C.

April is very skilled with her application of the Three Brain Realignment Technique (TBRT). If you have not tried this for your patterns of self doubt, self sabotage, stress or trauma you definitely should. It has helped me with many issues that counseling was unable to address. April is amazing!

Jen M.

April is an expert at getting down to the real issues and helping you work through each one so you can move on and complete your goals. She has NO judgments at all about  your past - and doesn't require you to go into details if sharing makes you feel uncomfortable. I highly recommend April and am looking forward to having her help with my healing through additional sessions. Don't hesitate to give her a call!


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