The key to happiness lies in the stars

What is Cosmic Coaching?

It's a new way to approach coaching that uses astrology and other techniques for personal development. Unlike other cookie cutter programs, we use your unique birth chart to explore patterns affecting your life, help you tap into your greatest strengths, and align with your true purpose. 

Cosmic coaching helps you release fear and limiting beliefs while shifting your mindset to create incredible transformation. 

Let's face it, life feels hard when you don't know the point of it. 

  • Why am I here?
  • What am I supposed to be doing?
  • Why does ______ keep happening?
  • Is it going to get any better than this?

One of the reasons we feel so lost is because we aren't aware of the "plan". Your astrological chart holds the answers to everything you're here to experience in this life. It's the key to success, loving relationships, and overcoming every hardship in your life. 

You need Cosmic Coaching if....

  • You feel like you have to hide things from others because they won't understand or may judge you.
  • You have anxiety, anger, sadness, or depression that's been difficult to let go.
  • You feel lost and unsure of your life's purpose.
  • You're ready to feel confident and passionate about life again.


Improve Relationships

When you let go of past trauma, you develop a healthier relationship with yourself and others. 

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Get Clarity

Cosmic coaching helps you see yourself and your life clearly. Integrating all parts of yourself helps you live authentically with intention.

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Gain Confidence

Letting go of fear and shame helps you create a life filled with purpose and joy. As you begin to feel more confident, you're able to express yourself in every way.

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Carolyn S.

What an amazing experience! April helped me identify and release negative patterns I had created over the years. Now, I have a new outlook. Highly recommend! 

Jen M.

April is an expert at getting down to the real issues and helping you move through each one so that you can complete your goals.

Nancy S.

April can sense what needs to be released inside of you. She's helped me release resentment toward my family so that my daily life is happier. Now, I'm able to step away from other's toxic emotions. She's helped me clear any emotions that were keeping me from healing.