Your Ruling Planet and Undiscovered Talents

sun sign Jan 27, 2022

Recently, I came across a meditation exercise where you imagined that you had plenty of money, time, support, and energy. Even if that's not your current reality, this exercise asked you to get out of survival mode and tap into that abundant energy. If you close your eyes, what scenario can you see yourself in? Where are you and what are you doing?

When I did the exercise, I was surprised to find myself on the top deck of a yacht with a sketch pad in my lap. I was drawing while sitting on a lounger in the sun. My imagined scenario was intriguing on a few levels. First, I've never been on a yacht, and I don't currently have any artistic talent when it comes to drawing or painting. My subconscious created this scenario because it tapped into deeply hidden interests or talents. 

Every Zodiac sign has a ruling planet that contributes to your personality and blesses you with undiscovered talents. As a Taurus, my ruling planet is Venus who governs love, beauty, art, self-esteem, and finances. The themes of my ruling planet can be seen in the scenario my subconscious created in terms of showing me what I would enjoy and might be possible if I wasn't distracted or concerned with the survival basics of daily life. 

A common problem among my coaching clients is that they aren't sure of what they want or have lost touch with their joy. Too often, we're out of alignment with our true purpose because we've let others steer the ship of our life. If so, then we've lost connection with the talents and desires that came so easily to us in our youth. What did you dream about doing when you were young? What fascinated you? What topics were you curious about? The answers to these questions can help you reconnect with subconscious desires and natural talents. 

If you're struggling to reconnect with your true self or discover new talents, then examining the areas your ruling planet governs along with the traits of your Sun sign can give you new insight into your untapped potential. 

Here is a list of Sun signs with their ruling planets, areas they govern, potential talents you might want to explore, and activities you may have a natural aptitude for based on your Zodiac sign.

Aries (Mars): Since Mars rules passion, energy, and ambition, you may be talented in leadership, entrepreneurship, competition, athletics, firefighting, vigorous exercise, physical therapy, working with your hands such as in carpentry or with metal such as making jewelry, blacksmithing, metal sculptures, surgery, tattooing, or knives/swords.

Taurus (Venus): Venus rules art, beauty, love and finance. So, you may find your strength in matchmaking, beauty related endeavors such as fashion, makeup, aesthetics, interior design, gardening or agriculture, finance such as banking, advising or investing, music, architecture, baking, or cooking.

Gemini (Mercury): Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication, and travel. You may have undiscovered talents in the areas of marketing, travel, writing/journalism, social media, teaching, engineering, mechanics, networking, research, and driving. 

Cancer (Moon): Is there any planet more iconic than the Moon? Your natural strengths or talents can include nurturing, caregiving, healing, parenting, cooking, fishing, childcare, nutrition, hospitality, real estate, intuitive pursuits, and marine science.

Leo (Sun): As the source of all life, your talents are designed to showcase your personality and shine like the Sun. Consider theater, entertainment, politics, leadership/mentorship, gambling, social media, fashion, hair stylist, sports, motivational speaking, and charity or volunteer work.

Virgo (Mercury): Virgos display a slightly different side of Mercury but share similar themes. You may find success with agriculture/gardening, organization, developing systems for efficiency, analysis, accounting, research, recycling/environmental work, engineering, working with animals, teaching, event planner/promoter, and medicine. 

Libra (Venus): For Libra, the romance and beauty aspect of Venus is highlighted (also read Taurus). You may want to explore coaching, counseling/therapist, matchmaking, art, interior design, florist, wedding planning, real estate, self-help modalities, beauty fields such as makeup, fashion, and jewelry.

Scorpio (Pluto): The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars (also read Aries), and the modern ruler is Pluto, the planet of sex, death, rebirth, and transformation. You may have a special talent for psychiatry, investigative research, mortuary arts, intuitive pursuits, police work, surgery, hospice, sex therapist, hunting, genealogy, and magic.

Sagittarius (Jupiter): Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, and luck. You may have a special talent for spiritualty, higher education, teaching, coaching, gambling, party planning, ministry, travel, lawyer or judge, outdoor sports, writing, publishing, advertising, and working with horses. 

Capricorn (Saturn): Saturn is the planet of discipline and responsibility. Consider pursuing leadership, entrepreneurship, clerical, masonry, pottery, crystal healing, landscaping, working with leather, construction, politics, chiropractic, economics, and engineering.

Aquarius (Uranus): The traditional ruler of Aquarius is Saturn (also read Capricorn), and the modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of revolution, technology, and invention. You may have a special aptitude for all forms of technology, astrology, radiology, aviation, meteorology, astronomy, psychology, humanitarian/volunteer work, inventing, reforming existing structures, and unique forms of communication.

Pisces (Neptune): The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter (also read Sagittarius), and the modern ruler is Neptune, the planet of spirituality, creativity, and illusion. Special areas of interest for you may include bartending, photography, art, writing, meditation, poetry, yoga or spiritual retreats, marine science, boating, swimming, healing and medicine, environmental work especially involving water, energy healing, and herbalism or pharmacology.

Astrology is the language of the sky. Once you understand how the archetypes and energies affect you, then you have a new world of possibilities open for you to explore. If you'd like to know more about working with your divine blueprint, then let's work together! You can book an online appointment HERE.


April is an Astrologer and Cosmic Coach who helps you tap into your inner strength, let go of fear, and create a magical life. Through a combination of astrology, intuition, and self-discovery techniques, you'll get the support you need to find your path, balance your emotions, and feel free to truly express yourself.

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