Sun-Venus Cycle

sun venus Jan 12, 2022
Sun Venus Cycle

On January 8th, a new Sun-Venus cycle began when the planet of love and beauty parked alongside the Sun in Capricorn to begin a new 18-month cycle. 

The Sun-Venus conjunction is significant in several ways. When the two planets are aligned, your desires for love, money, relationships, values, and social recognition are magnified. Since Venus is also retrograde, it can make you question your values, what you want in a romantic partner, and if your career is the right choice for you. 

Normally, Venus spends around 4 weeks in a particular Zodiac sign, but the retrograde is causing an extended stay in hardworking Capricorn. This increases the pressure to make sure you're pursuing the "right" things in life. 

The new Sun-Venus cycle is like pressing the reboot button on some of the most important issues of your life. It's your chance to reevaluate what really matters, what you love, and why you want it.

The Universe provides us with several opportunities to change when we've outgrown old beliefs from our past. During this time, you may discover that your values and attitudes towards certain things in your life has changed. Although it may be tempting to make changes immediately, it's best to wait until after January 29th when Venus goes direct so that your changes will be easier to manifest.

This planetary conjunction is also significant in that Venus will change from becoming an evening star to a morning star in the sky. As an evening star, the energy of Venus is more introverted, and you may find it more difficult to connect with your desires. However, as a morning star, Venus returns to her jubilant self, and you're free to embrace your passions. When the retrograde ends on January 29th, you'll be ready to make big strides towards creating better relationships and financial choices in your life. 

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