How to Manifest Using the Aries New Moon Energy

aries new moon Mar 29, 2022

On Friday, April 1st, there will be the first of two New Moons this month. Not only is it a rare thing for two New Moons to occur in the same calendar month, but it's also happening during Aries season which is considered the astrological New Year. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries represents bravery and new beginnings. 

During a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in the same portion of the sky. In essence, the Moon is being overshadowed by the Sun. This is her time to rest and gather her strength so that she can continue to be our light in the darkness.

Magically speaking, the New Moon is a powerful time to plant the seeds for what you'd like to manifest in the future. What makes the Aries New Moon so powerful is that the very nature of an Aries is to take risks, spring into action, and make things happen. If you were born with the moon in Aries, then this is another favorable sign to take advantage of this rare opportunity!

In order to tap into Aries energy, here are a few correspondences you can use to create your manifestations or New Moon rituals. 

Symbol: The ram

Ruling planet: Mars

Natural Zodiac house: First house

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal (the Initiator)

Gemstone: Diamond

Body parts ruled: Head, eyes, face

Manifestation phrase: I am

Keywords: Bold, assertive, a leader, risk-taker, pioneering, adventurous, impulsive, passionate, action-oriented

 To create a simple New Moon ritual, write down a list of at least 3 goals or situations you'd like to manifest in the next month. Then, create another list of what you'd like to achieve or manifest by the end of the year. You can save these lists as a visual anchor or burn them to release your intentions to the Universe. 

Although goal setting and list making can give you clarity, true manifestation requires action steps from you. Because everything is connected, you'll find yourself naturally tuning into the action-oriented energy of Aries. Listen to your intuition and follow where the nudges lead you to take action. 

April is an Intuitive Counselor who helps you tap into your inner strength, let go of fear, and create a magical life. Through a combination of astrology, tarot, intuition, and self-discovery techniques, you'll get the support you need to find your path, balance your emotions, and feel free to truly express yourself.


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