How To Avoid A Psychic Scam

pyschic Apr 04, 2022

 If you have any interest in astrology, crystals, tarot, witchcraft, or spirituality, then you're probably following some of those content creators on social media. The increased popularity of metaphysical topics is amazing, but it also means that scammers are moving in to take advantage of people looking for answers. 

There are many different types of psychic or intuitive readings including tarot, mediumship, and palmistry to name a few. Although there are plenty of legitimate practitioners, if you're not familiar with how they work, then you could easily fall prey to sophisticated scammers. 

One popular technique is to clone a legitimate practitioner's Facebook or Instagram account. These fake accounts are almost an exact duplicate of the original and can confuse anyone at a quick glance. They often use underscores or misspelling to differentiate themselves from the original. For example, if your account is called janedoecrystals, then a scammer might use _janedoecrystals or janedoecrystalz. 

If you're unsure if the account is legitimate, then do a search for the name without underscores and see how many accounts pop up. Then, look at the number of followers for each account. Fake accounts will only have a fraction of followers compared to the original. Also, they won't have as many posts as the original since cloned accounts will only have enough to make it seem like they're not a new account. 

In order to make sure that you don't fall victim to a psychic scam, here are some of the most common red flags to look for when considering a reading. 

1. They offer you a reading for free.

It's common for new practitioners to offer free readings as a way to practice their craft or build their business by offering a free sample reading. However, a new practitioner often discloses the fact that they're practicing so you can set your expectations accordingly. Unfortunately, the offer of a free reading is a common hook for an upcoming scam! The scammer will often give you some sort of bad news and then position themselves as having the solution for a price. 

2. They tell you that you're cursed or hexed and offer to remove it for a fee.

Psychic scammers will often prey on your fear of something bad happening and use it to extort money from you. Everyone has difficulties or bad luck occasionally, but this doesn't mean anyone cursed you! They count on you being desperate to do anything to make your life better and can string you along when the original "cure" wasn't enough. Most legitimate psychics will never tell you that you're cursed. Instead, they'll give you suggestions on how to improve your circumstances without extorting you for large sums of money!

3. They slide into your DM's and offer a reading.

This is the most common technique for scammers with cloned accounts to trick you into parting with your money. They will message you with some cheesy line like:

  • You have such beautiful energy, but there's something dark around you.
  • My ancestors (or yours) have a message for you.
  • I'm being drawn to give you a reading.
  • I have an important message for you.
  • I sense that you've been cursed, and I can remove it for you.

Legitimate psychics will not message you first and offer a reading. We're too busy for that! Plus, it's creepy and super pushy. 

4. When you try to turn a reading down, the "psychic" starts to get aggressive. 

Scammers often have a script they follow because it works. However, when someone catches onto them, they may try to play on your fears or turn aggressive and push you to go through with the reading. This is a major red flag! They may even change tactics by giving you a sob story about their own hardships to guilt you into giving them money to help them out. If they can't prey on your fear, they'll take advantage of your generous heart. 

Psychic or intuitive readings can be an amazing source of clarity, comfort, and hope. They offer you solutions to feel better during difficult times or validation on your chosen path. Psychics and intuitive readers are a valuable resource, but it's important to find one who makes you feel comfortable. If you're ready to get an intuitive reading for yourself, then you can book one HERE.


April is an Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor who helps you tap into your inner strength, let go of fear, and create a magical life. Through a combination of astrology, tarot, intuition, and self-discovery techniques, you'll get the support you need to find your path, balance your emotions, and feel free to truly express yourself.

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