Get Your Creative Mojo Back

creativity Feb 23, 2021

When I was younger, I used to write poetry. In my teens, I entered a state poetry contest and won third place. I was thrilled! When I entered the next year, I assumed I'd do the same or better. Unfortunately, I didn't place at all. Emotionally, I took that really hard and stopped writing anything creative for 27 years! 

I didn't realize that this event was the source of my writer's block until a friend called me out on a negative reaction I had to journaling. I used to hate the idea of journaling! When she suggested that I dig into the reason behind it, I found the origin story of my writing dry spell. After releasing the emotional experience of failure from losing the competition, I gave myself permission to try writing again. 

At first, it would take me an entire week to think of an idea and write a blog. I agonized every day over what I would write about and struggled to string together a few paragraphs. However, I was committed to blogging once per week in order to help others and grow my business. 

After about 6 weeks, I noticed that I was thinking of potential blog ideas almost every day. Instead of struggling for days to write a new blog, I could whip one up in about 2 hours. Things started to flow so much easier. I got my creative mojo back!

If you're struggling to regain your creative mojo, then I have a few suggestions for you. 

1) Get disciplined and create a routine.

Ok, this suggestion isn't very sexy, but it works. It was because I committed to writing a weekly blog (and stuck to it) that my creative juices started to flow again. Establishing a routine will help keep you creative even when you're having an uninspired week. 

2) Try a different form of creativity. 

In her book, Big Magic, author Elizabeth Gilbert suggests that if your normal mode of creativity is blocked, then try a completely different one to get your mojo back. For example, if you're normally a writer, then try painting, sculpting, knitting, dancing, or singing. Try anything other than your go-to modality to release the stress and frustration of being blocked. 

3) Repurpose and recycle your content. 

Inspiration doesn't last forever. There are some weeks where you're too stressed, busy, or uninspired to get into a creative mindset. It happens to everyone. When this happens to me, I dig into my blog archives for something that I can tweak slightly or just re-share. Because I maintained the discipline of weekly blogging, I've now got a bank of hundreds of blogs that I can pull from if necessary. 

4) Create an idea bank.

When I'm feeling really creative, I try to write down as many ideas as possible for blogs and projects. I call this time "listening to the muses". The Muses were Greek goddesses who appeared to artists or whispered creative ideas to them. When the Muses are talking to me, I pay attention because they don't hang around forever! When you've lost your creative mojo, take a look at your idea bank and see if that inspires you to create something new. 

5) Make the time for Creativity.

Depending on what's going on in your life, you may feel like you don't have the time to be creative. Since last year, COVID has changed so many routines. Some of my clients are now homeschooling their children and either lost their jobs or had to resign to take over these duties. The increased responsibilities coupled with the lack of alone time has resulted in some frazzled and frustrated parents. Did you know that anger is often considered to be the result of unexpressed creativity? Even if your life is crazy busy, taking the time for creative pursuits is a form of self-care. 

If you've been struggling to find your creative mojo, then it might be a good time to explore issues related to perfection, failure, and fear through emotional coaching and release. Unresolved emotional pain can cause sabotages that keep you stuck. So, let's get rid of them together!




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