Tap into your true potential

From the moment you were born, your divine blueprint was written in the stars. 

Astrology readings can help you understand yourself better, clarify your life purpose, and help you understand difficult periods in your life.



Natal Chart

Your Divine Blueprint

  • Who you're meant to be in this life
  • Your natural strengths, talents, and potential
  • 90-minute detailed reading introducing you to the planetary positions and aspects that create your unique personality. 
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Career & Life Purpose

Your Success Blueprint

  • Discover your unique gifts and talents
  • Career options that match your personality and strengths
  • 90-minute detailed reading about how to use your talents for success and the true purpose of your life.
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Birthday Chart

Your Solar Return Blueprint

  • Helps you set goals and intentions for the year ahead
  • The major themes you'll be experiencing for the coming year
  • 90-minute detailed reading about how to work with the energy of the year.
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Returning Clients

Get even more insight!

  • Additional chart information
  • The major themes you'll be experiencing during transits
  • 90-minute detailed reading addressing questions on any area of your life.
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What clients are saying...

What an amazing experience! April helped me identify negative patterns I had created over the years. Now, I have a new outlook. Highly recommend!"

Carolyn S.

April is an expert at getting down to the real issues and helping you move through each one so that you can complete your goals.

Jen M.

"April helped me get past thinking that was keeping me stuck. She has a unique approach that helped me feel comfortable.  I highly recommend anyone who feels stuck anywhere in their life and is ready to do something about it to work with April.

Sarah B.

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