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Life is full of mysteries, but who you really are doesn't have to be one of them. 

You may not be living the life you intended for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, it's because we get so caught up in living the life that we think we should instead of tuning into what would be best for us.

When this happens, you might experience:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Lost and confused about your life's purpose
  • Angry or frustrated about your progress in life
  • Like the solutions you've tried haven't really fixed anything
  • Poor boundaries with others
  • People-pleasing and putting other's needs above your own
  • Physically and energetically drained
  • Self-doubt and difficulty making decisions 

If you're ready to align with the blueprint of your life, then let's get started!

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"You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew."   -Albert Einstein


 Intuition works on a deeper level than logic and can provide insight on how to make a course correction in your life.

At the core of your being, you know that something needs to change. You may even know what it is, but haven't been able to get there due to subconscious sabotages and limiting beliefs. 

Astrology, Tarot, and Intuitive Counseling can help you tap into the deepest parts of yourself to problem solve in a new way. 


Astrology Readings and Intuitive Counseling can help you....

Trust yourself

Your divine blueprint was created by you, and you're intuitively connected to it. An astrology reading or intuitive counseling can help you let go of fear, shame, and conditioning that's keeping you from the life you're meant to live.

Express yourself

Part of your journey on this planet is to learn how to express yourself in the most authentic way possible. Reconnecting with your divine blueprint via intuitive counseling or an astrology reading can help you find the right path to expressing yourself fully.

Understand your purpose

Your life purpose, natural talents, and intuitive gifts are all detailed in your natal chart. Understanding and aligning with your purpose is incredibly powerful. Intuitive counseling can help prepare you for the life you've designed.


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